BABYBASSINET service for babies

If you are travelling with a baby, please check that the ticket is in category BBY in order to activate the service.

- you benefit from a priority boarding, assisted by all the attention of the Air Lune staff - your baby is comfortably attached to your seat for takeoff and landing
- babybassinets are installed on board our vessels allow your baby to rest. - the toilets are equipped with a changing table.
- our staff is at your disposal to prepare hot milk, eggs, etc. - special bottles, adapted to weightlessness, are available on the space shuttles
- special meals are included in the food for babies
- a laundry washing system (by electrolysis) is installed on the space shuttles.
- a candy is offered to babies during altitude changes.

BALUCHON EXPRESS service for children

The BaluchonExpress service is for children from 4 years old and up to 16 years old who travel unaccompanied by air. The service is not offered on space flights. The child is accompanied by Air Lune staff and receives gifts to distract him and have fun, even if there is a connecting flight.

- Please come at the airport at least one hour before the departure of the flight. - The child must have all the documents required by the authorities to complete the trip.
- the accompanying person on departure must wait until the flight has actually departed before leaving the airport.
- the accompanying person on arrival must be present at the time of landing and present own ID.

Double seat

You can book a double seat at a preferential rate if you want to travel more comfortably knowing that the seat width of our seats has been designed on the basis of the percentage 95.
The width of the seats in economy class goes from 42cm to 46cm (52cm on space flights). We strongly recommend that you reserve a double seat if your waist circumference is greater than 200cm.
At the time of booking, you will be able to find out the seat width, on the Class and service information insert, which describes the services for each flight and equipment.
If your flight has actual empty seat at the time of departure, you will get the double seat cost refund.

Special meals

If you are on a special diet, and the flight time is appropriate, you can request a special meal or a meal that meets certain religious requirements free of charge at least 48 hours before departure.

Passengers with reduced mobility

If your mobility is reduced due to a disability (motor, visual, auditory or mental) or due to your age or illness, we recommend that you book your ticket and report the needs of your assistance at least 48 hours before your departure.
You can make this request by phone or at the time of booking. In any case, you let us know all your specific requests for therapeutic oxygen, a second seat, or a special meal.

Animals for emotional assistance or support.

Animals that can fit in a box width-depth-height 40x40x20cm MAXIMUM may be transported on air flights but under no circumstances on space flights. Larger animals will have to travel by freight, with an additional reservation. Under no circumstances will the animal be allowed to leave its box during the flight.

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