Four optimal comfort classes

Air Lune will offer you a a memorable journey through an exceptional service. Trained in luxury hotels and restaurants, initiated to intercultural interactions, our flight attendants are ready to welcome you.

They will also take care of your safety on board.

When booking, you will be able to find out exactly what classes and services are available on each flight, thanks to this symbol.


Enjoy space in space in pace.

Each seat offers you a private cocoon, with direct access to the aisle, without direct neighbour.
The seat is equipped with a genuine flat bed, wide and long, with duvet and pillow. It will be made ready for sleeping at your convenience.
The cherry on the cake? Enjoy our delicious dishes, sleep in the luxurious pajamas we provide and enjoy the relaxation products provided in an exclusive amenity bag.


All-round comfort for efficiency

Our business class provides you with a privative seat that can be transformed into a 180° flat bed, with direct access to the aisle; it has been designed with a lot of care and attention to details, so that you can work, relax, eat and sleep as you want it.


A Premium service at an economical price

You will travel conveniently comfortably and with distinction, on our large Constellation reclining shell seats, 40% larger than standard economy class seats.
Sip refined culinary creations and enjoy the benefits of a spacious and isolated cabin, both in flight and on the ground.


A journey with serenity

Air Lune welcomes you in a harmonious and serene cabin that recalls the Lunar landscapes, with a soothing sobriety.
We have developed exclusive larger luggage compartments, improved seat ergonomics and added practical storage and in-flight entertainment systems for your comfort. The meals we serve you will have been delicately prepared and presented in elegant dishes.

Chic cabins

Air Lune has invested in its cabins to give them an exclusive style, impregnated with white and majestic colours for a serene and harmonious journey.

Passengers also benefit from large storage spaces, as well as better soundproofing. Woven inserts at ceiling panels contributes to a refined and subdued atmosphere that is unique to Air Lune vessels.

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