Space and long-haul travel

Air Lune has fitted every seat with personal audio and video entertainment offering more than 500 hours content.

Latest released mvies, world cinema, short-film, animations, documentaries, there is a content for everyone.

Compose your music playlist among a rich music library, and listen to it with our provided headphones - noise-cancelling system on space flights, SpaceSuite and Executive.

Short-haul travel

Plug your headphones at your seat and enjoy our music selection, as well as in-flight video content from cabin screens.


Air Lune has a range of magazines and newspapers onboard, as well as a exploration monthly revue Lunascope at your seat.
On Lunar flights, there is a book library with an eclectic choice of books in different languages.


Games are at your disposal on board space flights as Air Lune branded and illustrated cards, 7 families, and pocket play kits.

Air Lune crews will provide color books and other toys for children.

Dining at Air Lune

Air Lune provides complimentary meals and refreshments on all flights.

Space and long-haul travel

On Space flights, the constraints of changing gravity require the use of freeze-dried meals especially at flight phases without gravity.

However, reknown star-chefs have elaborated menus and drinks to make every dinner on board a unique and delightful experience. With à la carte service onboard SpaceSuite and Executive Class, and a choice of main courses in Constellation, enjoy a very customised culinary experience.

You can also order in advance your preferred course as well as special meals.

Click here to review the meal options.

Short-haul travel

Executive and Constellation dining short-haul consists in a starter, main course and a dessert with complimetary drinks inclusive wines served in modern china and on a napkin.

In Cartonaute and Minute, a premium snack, wrap or sandwich with complimentary drink are offered, and in any case, our famous Paris Brest muffin!

Well-being in air and space

Lavatories and shower in space

All our Lunar vessels are equipped with a space lavatory and a space shower.

Toilets have a specific design for space use.
The systems are desinfected automatically after each use and provide a great comfort.

A refreshing shower in space

Air Lune has designed with Sciensolutions a shower system that perfectly works without gravity. On top, it has a relaxing and massing pulse!
Water is recycled and filtred at each use. At the bottom , efficient vaccum evacuates the water. Only one fresh water litre is used for one passenger, for a 6-minutes shower.

There is a waterproof stowage for your belongings. After you shower, a warm air flow helps you dry softly and quickly, your towel can also be dried in 4 minutes thanks to a revolutionary drying box. Skincare products and amenity kits are available for your well-being.

Amenity kit

On space vessels in all classes, we provide you an amenity kit with touthpaste, touthbrush, soap and shampoo, a big and a small towel.

MoonOne Lunar Base

Moon gravity is 6 times less than on Earth but everything is done so that your stay on the Moon is as convenient and relaxing as possible.

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