Moon lounges

An exclusive privilege

Do you want to work, rest or eat before or during your trip? Enjoy the comfort of our lounges.
Enjoy free Wi-Fi internet access and office equipment to work. Depending on the time of day and the lounge, we offer you free pastries, snacks, snacks or appetizers.
Depending on your booking class and your membership status, you get access to our Moon lounges worldwide and in our home bases. Air Lune designed its own lounges in Paris Orly, Cullignargues and on the Moon (MoonOne Lunar base) - the other are managed by partners.


When you check in, you will be informed if you are invited to the Moon lounge of your departure stopover.

However, you can request access to the Moon lounge even if you were not invited to do. Subject to availability and a £35M admission card, you can enjoy the benefits of one of our Moon lounges during a stopover or before your journey starts.

MoonSaloon Club Lounge

Passengers travelling on a Moon flight in SpaceSuite and Executive class have access to the exclusive MoonSaloon Club section, inside the luxury services of the MoonMotel Cullignargues ****

Additional services include:
- Access to the swimming pool / spa / massage overlooking the massif central
- A la carte dining
- Concierge and clothing cleaning service
- Barber hairdresser
A selection of high-end dishes and spaces to isolate yourself are at your disposal.

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