Your luggage

Baggage allowance

You can travel with baggage that you check-in at the starting spaceport, and that we return you on arrival, inaccessible in flight (excepted on some spaceships), as well as with a cabin baggage limited to 9kg plus an small bag.

Your baggage allowance depends on your booking class and is indicated on your travel itinerary. Should you travel with more or heavier baggage, a exceedance fee will apply.

Beware that on space travel no baggage exceedance can be accepted due to technical limitations.

Notify us of a missing or damaged baggage piece

Non allowed in your baggage

Remember that for safety reasons you cannot transport whatever you want with you or in your baggage.

Some items are completely forbidden.

- Animals and fruits
- Missiles, explosives, mines, fusibles
- Dangerous gas and flammable liquids
- Reactive materials such as magnesium, fireworks, lighters, oxyders, peroxyd, chlorates
- Metal repair kits for cars and components that held or hold fuel
- Hazardous materiels such as Rat-killer, infectious blood
- Radioactive materials inclusive commercial or medicinal isotopes
- Non-cooked meat, milch and stinky cheese
- Lithium batteries

Cabin baggage restrictions
You are not allowed to bring with you more than 1 litre of liquids, cheese or creams - each 100mL maximum - nor to transport any cutting object, a weapon or a weapon toy.

This does not apply on a Lunar trip starting at the spaceport in Cullignargues or if you stop there overnight.

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