Your journey to the Moon

Discover the grandiose and rugged landscapes of the Moon on an exceptional journey.

Enjoy an ultimate and rare experience: board a Sciensolutions Carton shuttle and fly into space. After a marvel odyssey through the great interstellar, land on the moon and spend a comfortable time in the MoonOne Lunar base, the ultimate human technological reach, at the edge of reality.

Flight profile

After takeoff from Cullignargues, the shuttle flies to above Western Africa, in 4 hours 30 minutes, which leaves time for passengers to enjoy a gourmet meal. Then, the shuttle accelerates to Mach 1.6, lifts its nose, and the ignition of the main booster bring it to an altitude of more than 100km, where magnetoplasmic spaceengine take over in an orbital spiral up to 400 km above sea level.
At a well-chosen point in the trajectory, a boost places the shuttle in an elliptical orbit that leads it to the Moon, in slight acceleration and then deceleration to shorten the travel time.
Next to the Moon, the thrusts are reversed, the shuttle orbits the Moon and then approachs the moon for a landing nearby the Lunar base, in the southern regions of the visible face.
On return, the space path is inverted and similar. The re-entry phase of the Earth's atmosphere represents for travellers a key and moving moment of the journey. After crossing the troposphere, the jet engines are extended and the shuttles lands in Cullignargues as an aircraft

An spaceflight preview

Air Lune offers weekly orbital flights (usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays) with a 9 hours flight duration, which allow passengers to discover the sensations of space flight and observe the Earth from above.

Unsurpassed comfort

Despite the challenges of space travel, travel in your protective and comfortable cocoon.
Each passenger's seat is articulated to adapt to the key phases of flight and reduce acceleration.
Two large bathrooms on board, one equipped with a shower, a bar and an art gallery on the lower deck enhance your experience.
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Space luxury

Art, aesthetics and personalization
At booking, you can choose your seat and customize the appearance (color and texture*)Manage

*among a predefined set

Infinite entertainment

You won't see time fly.
Each seat is equipped with an individual HD screen delivering thousands of hours of programming, connected to a headset soundproofing. Games, books, magazines are at your disposal as well as an art gallery with audio guide. Learn more

Lunar Stopover

When you land on MoonOne Base, you will be required to present your Space Passport and Lunar Visa. Passengers connecting to another planet can be placed in a dedicated waiting area.

The luxurious rooms of MoonMotel MoonOne**** are waiting for you. You can book an additional multi-hour expedition aboard a shuttle to discover dazzling lunar sites.

Health and safety

Air Lune takes care of your health thanks to impeccable hygiene standards
On arrival on the Moon, the shuttle is completely disinfected, cleaned, and prepared for the return. On Earth, after each return, the cabin is sterilized, disinfected, and the seats are washed and personalized according to the wishes of the upcoming passengers.

The Space Operations Control Centre follows the space flights all the time.

Each shuttle has a customized interior style. Discover it by booking round trips aboard various vessels!

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